Kindercare: How Do You Write A Kindergarten Lesson Plan?

Kindercare: How Do You Write A Kindergarten Lesson Plan?

Teaching is a very challenging job, and that is especially true when teaching kindergarteners. Between the constant questions, the need to move around, and the distractibility of the class, making a kindergarten lesson plan might feel daunting. However, with the right planning and prep work, your class will be loving learning in no time.

1. Objectives  When you’re making lesson plans, whether it’s for kindergarten or other age groups, you need to know what the purpose of the lesson is. Are you trying to teach the class about animals? Is it a math or writing lesson? Are they learning new words or how to write the alphabet?

You can’t start your lesson plan with an objective, and once you have your focus, it’s a lot easier to move forward. With this in mind, you will likely go through several different plans throughout the day since your students won’t be learning only one thing.

2. Outline and Timeline You will need to write up how the lesson will go and what will be presented to the students. This can be worked into a timeline for when you will do what.

Making an outline can help you decide on the materials needed so you can be prepared in advance. Students, and kindergarteners especially, aren’t the most patient audience, so staying organized with an outline and gathering supplied ahead of time helps keep them ready to learn and attentive.

3. In the Lesson When making kindergarten lesson plans, you have to work with what the kids will want to engage with and sit through. It’s a good idea to start with a small introduction, so they know the topic, then ask some questions to get them involved in the conversation.

You can follow that up by presenting the information or the main teaching section. And next, you might plan an activity to keep them engaged with the content and see how well they understood it. Then another round of questions and a summary to review what they learned can round out the lesson.

Resources Something to remember with teaching and making lesson plans is that you’re not alone. Tons of teachers worldwide have been working through similar materials, so you have a lot of previously developed resources at your disposal, like through

You can find lesson plans and at least activity ideas for almost any subject you need. And you can always utilize parts of certain lessons to better fit the topic you’re teaching that day.

The Perfect Kindergarten Lesson Plan A Kindergarten lesson plan may not be perfect right off the bat, especially if you’re new at teaching this age group. You may learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t throughout the day, but that will just help you improve in the future with the next lesson plan.

The most important thing to remember when going through the elements of your plan is to know what you’re trying to teach and make sure it’s enjoyable and engaging for the kids. And you don’t have to create all your plans from scratch. If you found this helpful in making your next lesson plan, keep reading for more great tips.

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