Desire: Love Stories in Western Culture

Romantic love is the best thing – isn’t it? Perhaps not. Even popular romance, designed to celebrate true love, inadvertently shows disaster as a component of passion. Well, OK, it has its anxieties and disappointments but it’s natural. Or is it? Desire has a history, available above all to readers of fiction. The great majority of stories are love stories, or include romance. What is their appeal to readers? And what do they say about the changing, challenging face of desire?

Desire is published by Wiley-Blackwell

Culture and the Real

What is culture and how does it shape us? How far does it define the world we know? And what about the world we don’t know, that strange, unnameable region that Jacques Lacan called the real? In this illustrated book, Catherine Belsey argues that the real finds its space at the heart of fiction, poetry and painting. Made objects allude to the real, fence it off and surround it with a magic circle that gives pleasure.

Culture and the Real is published by Routledge

The Fictive Institution

The Fictive Institution, published in Manila, reprints a selection of published essays on writing and culture. Between them, they emphasise the urgent need for closer, more attentive ways of reading that draw on theory without surrendering to its sometimes arcane vocabulary. The new introduction takes the form of a searching interview with the author.

The Fictive Institution is published by De La Salle University Publishing House